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Under the Clouds of Desert Dreams

Stichting Ideefix presents, in co-production with Olfa Ben Ali the short film ‘Under the clouds of Desert Dreams’.

Under the Clouds of Desert Dreams offers a glimpse of a series of the intimate surroundings of the refugees who have been denied asylum in the Netherlands and took refuge in different shelters in Amsterdam.

With a touch of humanity through her narration, Olfa Ben Ali offers an intimate and emotional perspective of her own experience and with a poetic flavour she explores issues of the immigrant’s life and childhood.

Artist Statement
Olfa Ben Ali is a visual artist born in Toulouse, France. She lives and works in Amsterdam. She received her bachelor of art from Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam in 2012.
She uses film, video and film related installation. Vision and language interrelate in her works, which deal with the melancholy of loss, hopes for the future and the sometimes stark and harsh contrasts of the present that stand in between past and future.
Ben Ali’s parents are of Tunisian origin. As such she belongs to a new generation with strong roots in Western Europe and in North Africa, both historically and emotionally. Using language, her own experiences and minority discourse she questions the relationship between contemporary migration issues and colonial history. Her work is intimate and poetical but also political and full of contrasts and it has a strong sense of humanity.